One Year Warranty Policy – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

Magnum Trailers provides a 12-month warranty period on their trailers/trays/canopies to the original purchaser (whose details are kept by Magnum Trailers). Commercial use has a duration of three months, with the remaining nine months granted on a case-by-case basis.

Magnum Trailers do not provide coverage to anyone to whom a trailer is transferred and/or sold to.  The exercise of any of the warranties is conditional on the trailer being delivered to Magnum Trailers together with proof of purchase and the date of purchase (which Magnum Trailers records shall be decisive in the event of disagreement). Trailers and canopies are only for on-road use (no off-road use)

Owners’ responsibility:
Before each use of the trailer, check the bearings, brakes, brake controllers, suspensions including bolts, and breakaway systems, as well as every 500 kilometres after that.

Check that all lights are working before towing, and that the load is at least 60% front / 40% back. Also, confirm proper ball weight and weight distribution over the trailer for safe towing.

Trailer warranties must be returned to our facility (Factory in Cairns, QLD), with freight and transportation to and from at your own cost.

It is your obligation as the owner to have your own comprehensive insurance and not Magnum Trailers’ responsibility to organise, offer, or have in place for you (the owner).

This warranty does not cover any trailer that has been used for a purpose other than that for which it was designed, that has been overloaded, that has been altered or modified in any way, or that has malfunctioned due to prior damage, unreasonable use, or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. The warranty applies exclusively to on-road use on sealed roads. This guarantee does not cover the visual look or rust of the trailer’s or its components’ surfaces. The Trailer must not have been modified in any way or operated outside of the design specifications. Overloading and improper loading voids all warranties. The trailer must not have been damaged due to neglect, accident, poor use, or competition. This warranty does not cover any other costs incurred in addition to the trailer’s warranty repair, such as freight or lost work. Magnum Trailers will not be liable for any consequential loss resulting from the supply or operation of the trailer.

Any work agreed to be repaired by Magnum Trailers will be completed at our workshop in Cairns, QLD, and freight charges to and from the factory will be borne by the purchaser. Items replaced during normal repair and maintenance operations that are subject to wear are not covered by the warranty.

This warranty does not cover brakes, brake fittings, axles, wheel bearings, seals, tyres and rims, wiring, u bolts, and LED electrical fittings, painted, galvanised, or powder coated surfaces, jockey wheels, canvas, or zippers. All these items are vulnerable to wear and tear as well as external effects, and thus require care and upkeep from the owner/operator. This warranty excludes normal wear and tear as well as cosmetic changes to brake pads, winch cables, tyres, and winch straps.

Vinyl Covers – Zips & Mould are not covered by warranty; all other features are covered for a 12-month period.

The warranty excludes parts and equipment not made by Magnum Trailers, which are warranted by their respective manufacturers. The purchaser is responsible for contacting the producers of these parts.

All implied warranties and conditions under the Trade Practises Act, including those of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty, except that Magnum Trailers limits its liability for breach to: 

(a) replacement of the trailer or products; or 

(b) repair of the trailer or products, at Magnum Trailers’ option, with all freighting costs paid for by the purchaser.

This warranty supersedes any and all explicit or implied warranties conferred by statute or otherwise, and it is Magnum Trailers’ only warranty on the trailer or any part of it. Any warranties included by the Sale of Goods Act are specifically excluded.

Paint applied to any goods, including trailers, is not warrantied. UV radiation can cause fade and oxidisation on painted surfaces. Rust and oxidation have the potential to bubble the paint/galvanizing surface finish. If surface contaminants are not removed from the trailer, they may cause oxidisation. To avoid damage from thinners, fuels, or other outside forces, take care around painted surfaces. Scratches in the paint that cause marks or rust are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered by the warranty.

This warranty will be negated by, and Magnum Trailers will not bear any responsibility for any warranty procedure or charge carried out without written authorization by Magnum Trailers

Magnum Trailers Canopies/ Trays / Toolboxes have a 12-month warranty. Any external holes drilled will not be covered by warranty, rubber seals are not covered by warranty, fair wear and tear applies as above, any changes or prior repair work not performed by us can void warranty. Gas structures are covered for a period of six months.
This warranty does not cover defects or faults caused by misuse or abuse, accident, incorrect or improper installation, extreme weather, modification, or lack of proper maintenance. If a fault or defect occurs during the product warranty period, the product must be returned to Magnum Trailers in Cairns with original proof of purchase. Off-road/corrugated use is not covered by the warranty, and Magnum Trailers will not be responsible for any costs associated with this return.

If the product is assessed and determined to be faulty or damaged due to material or workmanship, the warranty will cover it. Oxidization, condensation, or visible marks internally or externally are not covered by warranty. It is the owner’s responsibility to inspect and ensure that all seals are working properly and are not leaking water. **We cannot guarantee that there are no marks or scratches on the flat/raw plate finished canopies, under tray boxes, or dog boxes, and there will be no price difference in this event. 

Tray Fitting: Any parking sensors are not reinstalled, the camera is remounted, any blind spot sensors relocated incur a charge, and in some cases the back bar must remain in place for sensors to function. After the tray has been installed, you are responsible for any charges or requirements for calibration or error codes.

If a valid claim is approved, Magnum Trailers will repair the product in the first instance. If an exchange of the product is determined to be the best solution, Magnum Trailers will select a similar condition or performance at its discretion as a replacement.

Powder coating is not covered by warranty because it is done by a third party; any warranty work that Magnum Trailers needs to do on anything internal or external that requires powder coating to be done again is at the owner’s expense; this will be discussed prior to any work being done.

There shall be no implied or actual warranty with respect to the manufacture of, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of any Magnum Trailers’ Trailers and Magnum Trailers shall not be liable for any transportation charges, or any direct, special, incidental, consequential (including loss of profit) or other loss or damage whether based in contract, tort or arising from breach of warranty or otherwise provided that Magnum Trailers acknowledges that this warranty does not exclude or limit the application of any provision of any statute (including the Trade Practices Act) where to do so would contravene that Statute or cause any part of this agreement to be void (“non-excludable condition”.) Magnum Trailers total liability here under for a breach of any non-excludable condition (other than implied by Section 69 of the Trade Practices Act) is limited at its option to any one of supplying, repairing, replacing, or paying the lost of supplying, repairing, replacing a trailer. This warranty does not cover incidental expenses including property damage. It is the owner’s responsibility to have full coverage insurance on any trailer prior to leaving Magnum Trailers premises or any freight that has been arranged on your behalf.

Refund & Pricing
Upon ordering a deposit can be put down to secure the trailer. Deposits are refundable in the event of a cancellation of your order, regardless of when the order is cancelled.  

Shipping/ Transport
All shipping and transport requests are made at YOUR OWN RISK; no insurance is provided for damaged goods, canopies, trays, trailers, or the like. We accept no liability for goods damaged in transit or during the transit process; instead, we recommend that you obtain your own transit insurance. Any parts that are not in stock at the time of collection must be paid for by the purchaser to be delivered or collected at no extra cost from our workshop in Cairns. Any freight or shipping delays are not our responsibility, and no compensation or cancellation will be accepted because of these delays.

Service Intervals – (not limited to bearings, brakes, moving parts, bolts)
Your Trailer should be services at following and completed by a qualified person to preform – These are to be done at 1000km or (3 months), 2500km or (6 months), 5000km or (12 months), 7500km or (24 months), 10,000km or (36 months) or Each year or extra 2500kms (7 years = 20,000kms)

Very important information:
You are responsible for inspecting all moving parts, including Trailing Arm Adjustment Bolts, for bearings, wheel nuts, nuts, locks, latches, bolts, and U-bolts. This is recommended to be done immediately when purchased within the first 20kms, 100kms, 250kms, and every 500kms thereafter, as well as prior and after use.

Check ongoing before any future travels or trips, including during every 150km
This is recommended where possible to be done with a Torque Wench at
Steel with 1/2″ studs 140-150Nm
Alloy 135-140Nm
Steel with 9/16″ stud 190-200Nm

Each wheel/rim manufacturer has different specifications; please familiarise yourself with these.

Voiding of Warranty – Magnum Trailers & its agents do its best to give the best service possible regarding in issue of warranty in which we reverse the right to void any warranty if any deamination occurs on social media (Facebook, google etc), or any other forms of publication.
Any issues need to be emailed to: [email protected] directly to be addressed. All service issues and warranty will be addressed through this service. Response can take up to 5 business days and all email requires full photo of the product not just the area in question.