Tired of battling the elements with your exposed ute tray? Magnum Trailers’ premium ute canopies in Townsville and Cairns offer the ideal solution. Whether you’re conquering rugged terrains, hauling precious cargo or seeking versatile workday solutions, our range delivers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Transform your vehicle into a logistical workhorse with a canopy that brings reliable storage, shade and superior protection.

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Top reasons to choose a Magnum Trailers canopy

Magnum Trailers’ ute canopies do more than protect your gear, they redefine what your ute can do. Explore the features that empower you to haul more, camp smarter and adventure further.


World-class durability

Our ute canopies aren’t built to just handle a few adventures — they’re engineered for a lifetime of use. Premium aluminium construction — with a 2.5mm thick flat body, welded internal bracing (on many models) and a built-in floor — ensuring they can withstand harsh elements and demanding workloads. Plus, aluminium’s lightweight nature translates to reduced strain on your ute and superior handling.


Wide range of sizes

We understand utes come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer a vast range of canopy dimensions, including 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm and even 700mm dog boxes. Whether you’ve got a classic ute tray or the latest model, there’s a canopy solution to maximise your truck’s potential.


Exceptional security

The load at the back of your truck isn’t just cargo — it’s your tools, gear and, sometimes, your livelihood. That’s why Magnum Trailers’ canopies prioritise security. Forget flimsy covers or easily forced latches – our robust units feature high-quality locks, gas struts on each door and full-length stainless steel hinges. Dust and water are also kept at bay thanks to integrated rubber seals — so even in harsh conditions, your belongings stay safe.


Beautiful finishes

With our ute canopies, you can choose a crisp, clean aluminium finish or a sleek powder-coated white option on select models. Our industry-leading construction standards are evident in every detail, including the neatly designed recessed doors that integrate seamlessly with your ute’s lines.


Customisation options

Magnum Trailers’ canopies aren’t one-size-fits-all. You can configure your order to your exact needs with our customisation options. Add ladder racks for work, a luggage rack for adventures or secure latch-locking clamps for extra gear. Need space for your furry friend? Opt for one with a dog box and full mesh ventilation — the possibilities are endless.


Magnum Trailers — where reliability meets incredible value

Choosing the right ute canopy isn’t just about the product, but the whole experience. At Magnum Trailers, we go the extra mile from your first query to years down the road. Discover what sets us apart:


Stellar customer service

From choosing the perfect canopy to installation and any questions along the way, our knowledgeable team provides personalised support. This commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t end when you drive away — we offer after-sales support to ensure your canopy continues to serve you well.


QLD-wide delivery 

Your ute adventures aren’t bound by city limits, and neither is our service. We can deliver your canopy in Cairns, Townsville or anywhere in Queensland. We want to make it convenient for you to get your premium canopy wherever you are in the state.


Competitively priced

Upgrading your ute is an investment, which is why we offer some of the most practical prices for canopies, ute trays and other ute attachments in Townsville and Cairns. This competitive pricing and transparent approach mean you get the high-quality features you need without breaking the bank.


Multiple financing options

With Magnum Trailers, you don’t have to let budget stand in the way of realising your ideal ute setup. We partner with top finance providers to offer flexible payment solutions. This makes budgeting for your new canopy easier by being able to spread the cost and letting you start enjoying the benefits immediately.


Upgrade your trusted ute today

It’s time to elevate your work and play. Explore our full range of premium ute canopies and transform your ute into a multipurpose powerhouse. Don’t forget, we also offer ute traystrailers and accessories to customise your rig to perfection. Contact us for more information or order your canopy today.